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Customer Delay of Service Installation

This Customer Delay of Service Installation Policy (this “Policy”) sets forth those applicable fees and charges referenced in Section 1 of the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”): “If Customer delays the Installation of Services, certain fees and facility reservation charges may be charged to Customer as described in Company’s Policies and Procedures.” Any capitalized terms used in this Policy, unless otherwise specified, shall have the same meaning as set forth in the MSA.

  1. Non-Recurring Charge (“NRC”) for Due Date Change: $150.00/request/Service location Once a Service Agreement is accepted by Company, Company will contact Customer to select a mutually agreed upon Installation of Service due date (“Due Date”). If at any time after the Due Date has been set, Customer requests that Company change the Due Date, Company will charge Customer a NRC of $150.00 per affected Service location, per Customer request or delay beyond the applicable Due Date (“Due Date Change Charge”).
  2. Facility Reservation Charge: Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) for the Finished Service In addition to the Due Date Change Charge, Customer will be assessed a MRC equal to the MRC provided in the Service Agreement if one or both of the following circumstances exist (“Facility Reservation Charge”):
    1. If less than six (6) days before the Due Date Customer extends the Due Date or causes any delay in the Due Date; or
    2. In the event Customer delays the Due Date by ten (10) or more days.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, the Facility Reservation Charge does not apply when Customer provides six (6) or more days of notice for a one-time delay of ten (10) days or less from the original scheduled Due Date.

If the Customer’s delay of Installation of Service(s) is less than one (1) month from the Due Date, the Facility Reservation Charge will be pro-rated to reflect the actual days delayed (in some cases, depending on the billing cycle, via a subsequent adjustment).

The table below summarizes the circumstances when the Due Date Change Charge and the Facility Reservation Charge apply.

Notification (days) Change in Original Installation Date (days) Due Date Change Charge Service Facility Reservation Charge
0 to 5 ≤ 10  Yes Yes
 0 to 5  ≥ 10  Yes Yes
 ≥6 ≤ 10  Yes No
≥6 ≥ 10 Yes Yes


Updated on June 22, 2016

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