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IntegraCare Account Login

Simply press the log in button or go to http://integracare.integratelecom.com

Log in »

If you have forgotten your password please visit the password recovery page at https://integracare.integratelecom.com/Account/PasswordRecovery

Don't have an IntegraCare Account?

You will need your account number and PIN number from your welcome email. If you do not have your PIN you can request one before you proceed.
Create your account now »

If you are still having problems please contact our Customer Care team.

Experiencing Service Issues?

If you are having issues with your existing service please call your Repair team. Electric Lightwave customers call 800‑722‑1231 and Integra customers call 800‑360‑4467. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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